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Skills Transfer

Image of hands on desk When we work with you our primary satisfaction comes from being able to set out for your staff details of how we have arrived at solutions.

We will always endeavour to set out the best practice we have relied upon and how it has been applied in your particular context. Our hope is that once we have worked for your organisation should future similar scenarios arise rather than commission our service your team will be confident to try to resolve things with minimum external support. Although, of course, we are not in the business of abandoning our customers if they believe that there is a genuine need for further work to be undertaken that it is not possible for their staff team to undertake without assistance.

For all employeee relations cases or policies that we handle for you we set out any employment law or precedents that we have relied upon so that solutions are transparent.

For all systems prototypes or solutions that we put in place for you we will leave you with specifications that set out at a non technical level how the solution works.